Black bear eating from my apple tree, August night, 2012

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thursday, March 31. Welcome to this blog.

So this is the first post on my new blog, "Noise from the Nest." "The Nest" is a reference to my art studio, Canyon Wren's Nest, named for my favorite bird, the canyon wren. It's my favorite because it makes the best bird sound, hands down. You will not convince me otherwise. Why is it my favorite? Because when you hear a canyon wren, you are usually in a canyon. And in my experience, most canyons are pretty darn cool.

Knowing myself as I do, I realized before embarking on blogging that I would not have time to write lengthy, daily musings. And who would want to read that, anyway? I decided to break my week of entries into a predictable format that allows me to actually provide some content without straining my creativity trying to come up with topics. (I'll save those brain parts that are still firing at full capacity for artwork.)

Here's a rundown of what I'll be posting about each day. Perhaps you'll decide to stop back?

MONDAY: The Pleasant Valley Report. What went down over the weekend here at Chez Kman. This could include anything from what birds were seen in the yard (we live on a migratory pathway); what critters woke me up crawling in the attic/up the side of the house/or in the chimney; what interesting things happened in town; or anything else that seems noteworthy. Laporte is an "interesting" town, to say the least.

TUESDAY: The Cornucopia. Musings and thoughts about all things edible.

WEDNESDAY: The "It's Not ALL Bad" Entry. It seems that most conservation and environmental  news is bad. Species are going extinct, the planet is struggling with climate change, and overall the picture just isn't so rosy. I will endeavor to find at least one hopeful, uplifting link to share that reminds us that good things do happen once in awhile.

THURSDAY: Book Babble. I read. A lot. No, really, a lot. This post could be about fiction, non-fiction, periodicals, journals, newspapers, or even the directions on a tube of toothpaste. (Packaging copy is sometimes quite hilarious.)

FRIDAY: Offbeat. How boring life would be without weirdness! On Fridays I'd like to pass on some of the nutty stuff I run across that makes me glad we have such variety in our world. And such a large number of really odd people.

I've decided to keep my weekends free, so no posts then.

Anyway, if you don't know me or my work, you can view many of my watercolor paintings of animals at I'm also on facebook. Search for me and Canyon Wren's Nest to be my friend (awww!) or to "like" my art (double awww!).