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Saturday, August 17, 2013

New Jersey Maritime Museum, Beach Haven

Recently, I spent a few days on glorious Long Beach Island, a natural, relatively quiet part of the Jersey Shore. While my intention was to play in the surf and bird watch, one day of our stay was dark and gloomy. As a torrential downpour soaked us in the town of Beach Haven, we decided to step into the New Jersey Maritime Museum to escape the storm. What a great place! The collections of maritime artifacts and historical archives are superb. I highly recommend a visit here whether raining or not the next time you have a few hours to spare in this part of the world.

Some photos of our time spent there:

Old diving suit. How did they move around in these things?

This is an actual huge lobster claw from a 40-plus pound giant plucked from the ocean, painted to look like a pirate.

Lots of information on Jersey Shore shipwrecks. Here a plaque for the victims of the sinking of the Powhatan.

Bottles retrieved by shipwreck divers

Looking down from second floor. Note all the artwork, and life ring from days gone by.

While much of the subject matter is serious, whimsical touches keep it lively. Here, a pirate figurine
 swings in the window overlooking visitors.

Creepy/cute sailor doll in a maritime toy display
Something for "Jaws" fans